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A comparitive study of police investigative interviews with 17 and 18 year old suspects AIO Identifying an Anonymous Author’s Native Language Based on Their Writings in English
Ms Annina B. Heini - A Comparative Study of Police Investigative
Interviews with 17 and 18 Year Old Suspects. 
Professor Tim Grant, Dr Nicci MacLeod - Assuming identities online: description,
development and ethical implications.

Mr Vlad Mackevic  - Identifying an Anonymous Author’s Native Language Based on Their Writings in English.

Move Maps Malicious Communications
Ms Emily Carmody - Move maps: Rhetorical structures of chatroom grooming interactions. Dr Andrea Nini - Authorship Profiling in a Forensic Context. Malcicious Communications: from Moves to Genres.
Native Language Identification
Dr Nicci MacLeod - Experimental methods in discursive research. Dr Ria Perkins - Native Language Identification for Forensic Authorship Analysis. Dr Kate Haworth, Dr Nicci MacLeod - Language & Communication for
Police Interviewers: Training,
Evaluation & Development.
CFL Flair The University Letters Case
Dr Rui Sousa-Silva - Detecting Plagiarism in the Forensic Linguistics Turn. CFL Flair - One year of cases from May 2008 - May 2009. Professor Tim Grant, Dr Ria Perkins - The University Letters Case.
R v Paul Malone The Aston Interpreter Network The Cipher Diary case
Professor Malcolm Coulthard, Dr Nicci MacLeod - Paul Malone. Dr Krzysztof Kredens, Dr Yvonne Fowler - The Aston Interpreter Network. Professor Tim Grant, Dr Rui Sousa Silva - The Cipher Diary case.

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