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For a selection of posters prepared by researchers in the Centre which have been displayed at conferences and events click here.

CFL Interviews

Shlomo Argamon, Illinois Institute of Technology
A recording of Prof. Argamon's CFL presentation on cognitive styles can be accessed here.

Ronald Butters, Duke University

Daniel Greenberg, Office of Parliamentary Counsel

James Fitzgerald, Academy Group

Peter Tiersma, Loyola Law School

Lawrence Solan, Brooklyn Law School

Maria Teresa Turell, Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Jessica Woodhams, Birmingham University

Gavin Oxburgh, University of Teesside

Fleur van der Houwen, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam


Click here for Tim Grant's inaugural lecture, Anonymous is dead. Exaggeration, capability and instrusion in forensic linguistic investigation delivered at Aston University on Thursday 17th November 2016

Click here for Malcolm Coulthard's Inaugural Lecture, delivered at Aston University on 13 May 2008

Click here
for Tim Grant talking about forensic linguistics.

Articles, papers and presentation slides [pdf format unless indicated otherwise]

Proceedings of the tenth international conference of the International Association of Forensic Linguists

“Author Identification, Idiolect and Linguistic Uniqueness” by Malcolm Coulthard

“The Linguist as Expert Witness” by Malcolm Coulthard

"... and then ... Language description and author attribution" by Malcolm Coulthard

"Rape as Social Activity: an Application of Investigative Linguistics" by Tim Grant and Jessica Woodhams

"Linguistic insights into the investigative interview", Tim Grant's plenary talk delivered to the iIIRG conference at the University of Derby, 26-27 March 2008 [PowerPoint file]

"What is Language and Law? And Does Anyone Care?" A paper by Peter Tiersma of Loyola Law School (pdf file)

General Websites for obtaining forensic texts

Peter Tiersma's site on language and law

Old Bailey online

British and Irish Legal Information Institute - Access to Freely Available Public Legal Information

Famous Trials Home Page - does what it says; an excellent collection of famous trials from throughout history.

Specific trials, inquests and inquiries

David Irving vs Penguin Books Ltd & Deborah Lipstadt (January - April 2000); a UK libel trial centring around issues of holocaust denial

The Shipman Inquiry Archive. This is a link to the transcripts of the trial of Harold Shipman, a UK doctor who was found guilty of murdering his patients. The trial data were originally made available as part of a public inquiry into his offending, but the Inquiry website is no longer available. Luckily the National Archives took a snapshot of the site before it was taken down

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