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Professional Training

At the Centre for Forensic Linguistics we are committed to providing opportunities for both academics and professionals to meet and explore legal and forensic applications of language description. We offer legal and investigative practitioners high quality training.

Recent day courses have included a session on interpreter-mediated interviewing, where we sensitised police interviewers to the nature of interpreting and the needs of interpreters, and a session on forensic text analysis, where we explained the basis of forensic linguistic text analysis.

We have also offered specialist training programmes in sexual crime investigation and in online identity assumption for undercover police officers involved in online investigations. As well as running day courses and longer events at Aston we have offered training events within police forces and other locations. We are happy to discuss devising bespoke courses to address your particular needs.

Please contact us if you would like us to run an event for your organisation. The Centre also aims to provide a forum for the exchange and dissemination of ideas in areas where linguistic and legal interests converge. To achieve this, we regularly hold research talks and lectures by invited speakers. If you would like to attend our events, you would be most welcome. Write to us and we will add you to our mailing list for events. 

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